Set in the same Lynchian coastal town as A MUTUAL ADDICTION, CONSUMED is a psychological suspense novel about grief, superstition, and the power of denial.

Ever since she lost her husband and young son to an act of senseless violence, Astoria Hamilton has chased death like a storm tracker chases tornados, traveling all over the Pacific Northwest on a self-destructive quest to stay connected to her family. But when she accidentally stumbles into the aftermath of the third in a string of mysterious deaths of young women in Silverside, Oregon she must question everything she thought she knew about grief and recovery.

Nothing in the small fishing town is as it should be, and no one seems concerned with the fact that they may have arrested the wrong man for the crime. Astoria must now decide whether to follow her instincts about the nature of murder or allow herself to be consumed by the fantastic and seductive mythology surrounding the deaths and the people involved.