Available March 2019

Not all doorways lead somewhere new…

A Mutual Addiction Cover FINAL front cover.png

“The room is dark.

Not the kind of dark which is simply an absence of light, but the kind of dark which has a physical presence. It’s more alive than I am, wrapping its cold arms around me and holding me captive. Formless and still, not even my breath moves in the room. The only visible light seeps under a door at the far end of the room.

Silent at first, my feet touch the ground for the first time as I approach the sliver of gold. Rough soles scrape against the hard surface and the impact of each step travels up my body, waking it as if from a deep sleep. Only once I reach the door does my hand materialize in the dark. Shimmery and ethereal like a mirage. With a push the door swings wide and the fierce light blinds me again.

I blink hard as my eyes adjust to the lively light of the bar. My lashes tickle my lower eyelids. Sculpted fingernails flash rosy pink in front of my face as I scratch the skin beneath my eye. Mascara smears onto the painted surface and roll it between my fingers. In front of me is a long wooden surface and a highball glass with dwindling ice cubes weakening a pale amber drink. Lipstick is smudged along the rim of the glass.

How the hell did I get here?”