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Part romance, part suspense, part allegory about the futility of choice and free will. Come Away With Me is a surreal love story that will leave you wondering what’s real, what’s a lie, and what will drag you back again and again. 


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“Imaginative, sharp, and full of heartrending subtext, Widdicks is an exciting new voice in speculative fiction.”
— Meghan O’Flynn, best-selling author of The Ash Park Series
Intriguing & Captivating Widdicks takes you on a journey that you don’t want to end. Left me breathless.”
— Amazon Review
Hits you where it hurts and keeps you coming back for more.
— Amazon Review
The beautiful descriptions, haunting imagery, intriguing characters will have you thinking about this story for days after. I can not wait to read more.
— Amazon Review
Mary is an amazing writer that leaves no detail untouched. By the time you’re done with all the twists and turns, you’ll be saying, “This is real art. Can we stay just one more minute?”
— Amazon Review

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“The room is dark.

Not the kind of dark which is simply an absence of light, but the kind of dark which has a physical presence. It’s more alive than I am, wrapping its cold arms around me and holding me captive. Formless and still, not even my breath moves in the room. The only visible light seeps under a door at the far end of the room.

Silent at first, my feet touch the ground for the first time as I approach the sliver of gold. Rough soles scrape against the hard surface and the impact of each step travels up my body, waking it as if from a deep sleep. Only once I reach the door does my hand materialize in the dark. Shimmery and ethereal like a mirage. With a push the door swings wide and the fierce light blinds me again.

I blink hard as my eyes adjust to the lively light of the bar. My lashes tickle my lower eyelids. Sculpted fingernails flash rosy pink in front of my face as I scratch the skin beneath my eye. Mascara smears onto the painted surface and roll it between my fingers. In front of me is a long wooden surface and a highball glass with dwindling ice cubes weakening a pale amber drink. Lipstick is smudged along the rim of the glass.

How the hell did I get here?”