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Mary Widdicks just keeps getting better and better. The tension, the richly-detailed atmosphere. Treat yourself to her dark spell and enjoy the ride.
— Amazon Review

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The Mermaid Asylum Series (click for more)

The Mermaid Asylum Series (click for more)

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Short stories (click for more)

Praise for the Mermaid Asylum Series

Widdicks’ prose is nuanced, subtle, and fully immerses the reader in the plot. A Mutual Addiction evokes the deepest, perhaps the most guarded of thoughts. Truly a remarkable read, standing well-beyond the cacophony of most contemporary fiction.
— Amazon Review
Emotional, eerie, and delightfully demented, A Mutual Addiction worms its way into your psyche and refuses to relent until the final breathtaking page.
— Meghan O’Flynn, Best-selling author of The Ash Park series. 
Get ready to check your moral compass at the door for a few hours, and then prepare to be terrified of what you see in this compulsively readable book.
— Tracie Martin, author of Follow Me Down
A twisted tale of love lost and obsession gained, A Mutual Addiction will appeal to fans of Mary Kubica and Karin Slaughter.
— Wendy Heard, Author of Hunting Annabelle
Cressida is fascinating, intelligent, even sympathetic, all while being increasingly scary and completely unhinged. I promise, you will have a hard time getting her out of your head.
— Bookbub Review
“Cressida brings the reader through an uncanny and twisted journey as dark as the Pacific Northwest forests can get.”
— Amazon Review
“Riveting up to the last word...leaves you more.”
— Amazon Review
“Beautifully written with complicated, engaging characters and a fantastic twist.”
— Kristen Mae, Best-selling author of The Conch Garden series

Want to know more about the Mermaid Asylum Series?

Like children to the pied piper, the townsfolk were drawn to its sorrow, to its grotesque grey spires jutting out from among the cheery seaside town like the horns of the Kraken.

Before A Mutual Addiction, Cressida Dunhill was just your average insomniac.


It's just a normal Tuesday morning in the sleepy fishing town of Silverside, Oregon. The crabbers come early to check their traps. Every Tuesday just before dawn. Like clockwork. There’s no need for a blaring horn to disturb the peace because there isn’t another vessel for miles.

Just Cressida alone on the beach.

The sky crackles and the sea hums. The world goes quiet, just for a moment, like it’s afraid to draw even a single breath. The stillness is electrifying. But something isn’t right.

Something is out of place...

A sound. Out of place in the frozen dawn. Bustling and squabbling. Feathers beating against the air and snapping against rough brick. Sharp claws scraping stone like flint. Seagulls line up along the rockface and down the angled stilts on either side of the overhang that forms a cave beneath the old Mermaid Asylum.

They don’t move, not even to blink. Still as gargoyles guarding some mythical treasure. Cressida's treasure.

And they’re beckoning her inside…

A Mutual Addiction (Mermaid Asylum Book 1)

A lonely therapist who can't dream, her elusive patient who might be the cure, and the mutual addiction that could either save or destroy them both.

A Mutual Addiction front cover small.jpg

It has been 3,684 days…

since the accident and as many nights since Cressida Dunhill last dreamed. Until the day she meets Vee, a water nymph of a girl who splashes color into Cressida’s dull life. And that night, after ten years of emptiness, Cressida suddenly dreams again. But when Vee shows up covered in bruises, Cressida begins to suspect that Vee's two-timing, musician boyfriend, Rex, could pose a threat to both Vee's future and Cressida's dreams.

Now she must protect the flighty girl in order to safeguard her new life. But at what cost?

A MUTUAL ADDICTION is a haunting psychological journey that traces the fine line between morbid fascination and dangerous obsession, and offers an unsettling glimpse into the depths of desperation and how far someone is willing to go to protect their dreams.

Emotional, eerie...and delightfully demented.
— Meghan O’Flynn, best-selling author of The Ash Park Series

Folie à Deux (Mermaid Asylum Book 2)

Folie a Deux Front Cover small.jpg

Another body…

washes up on the shores of the Mermaid Asylum. The police rule it a suicide: the impetuous act of a woman obsessed with a dangerous legend. But Cressida knows better. Addictions aren't so easy to kill.

Folie à Deux is the second installment in the Mermaid Asylum series and the sequel to the best-selling psychological suspense thriller, A Mutual Addiction. Compulsive and disturbing, Folie offers a glimpse into the mind of a desperate woman. Is Cressida a killer, a victim, or just another lost soul searching for a human connection…like everyone else? Folie will keep you guessing until the very end.

Fans of Caroline Kepnes’s YOU and Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects will fall in love with Widdicks’ morally ambivalent and yet deceptively relatable characters.

Provocative suspense...a commentary on the contagious nature of madness.
— Meghan O’Flynn, best-selling author of The Ash Park Series

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